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Greg Johnson, DJ Greg J, was destined to be a DJ. While other children saved their lunch money for toys, he saved his for rap cassettes. He made his first mixtape at 8 years old using a dual cassette player, trying to emulate the local Baltimore electro mixshow. A few years later while raving in San Francisco, Greg ended up in front of the turntables at a Funky Tekno Tribe party with DJ Dan at the controls, scratching and mixing rave anthems with 80's electro jams and hip hop. Greg saw music being manipulated in a way to rock a party that he'd never witnessed before and knew that's exactly what he wanted to do all along without knowing it before that moment. Greg pursued his passion, practicing day and night, which led to DJ'ing at raves in the 90's (known back then as Kid Bippy) and eventually headlining massives, gratefully playing alongside the initial spark, DJ Dan, at many events in the late 90's.

In the next decade, through the waning of rave culture, Greg ended up back at his original roots of hip hop. However, not wanting to be confined by genres, and staying true to that initial moment of witnessing many genres coming together with DJ Dan as the conductor, Greg branched out and made The Mash Up, a rock and rap mix CD that went on to sell over 85,000 copies, which led to a lawsuit, cease & desist, and a ton of awesome gigs.

Greg has played coast to coast all across America and several times in Europe, at incredible venues such as Webster Hall (NYC), El Mocambo (Toronto), BETA (Denver), The Church (Denver), Angel's Rock Bar (Baltimore), Mez (Charlotte), The Cow Palace (San Francisco), Bill Graham Civic (San Francisco), The Fillmore (San Francisco), Vanguard (LA), has guest DJ'ed for the Golden State Warriors, played events for Beachbody, Red Bull, Rockstar, Uber, and has shared the stage with or DJ'ed for Run-DMC, De La Soul, The Sugarhill Gang, Ice-T, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Imagine Dragons, Girl Talk, Van She, DJ AM, Travis Barker, DJ Z-Trip, Busta Rhymes, Ying Yang Twins, Ray J, Lil Jon, as well as many other great performers and DJ's.

In addition to his DJ accomplishments, Greg is one of the top DJ producers for the top mash up and remix service in the world, Crooklyn Clan's Vault.

When Greg is behind the decks, expect an incredible selection, played using turntablist abilities to cut, scratch, mix, blend and manipulate music on the fly, keeping it moving and keeping the party jumping. DJ Greg J is one DJ not to miss.